Do you looooooooove young adult fiction? Then you are in the right place! Here at One  A Day Y.A. we are devoted to just that. That's right...you will never find articles about those stinky adult books. And you've left behind your childhood. No more picture books or junior fiction!

Okay...I admit it. Adult books and children's books aren't that bad.

But Y.A. is definitely THE BEST!

On the blog: So what will you find here?

Author interviews and guest spots - We absolutely love to get to know our y.a. authors and share what they're working on. That's why you'll find lots of interviews, articles written by guests, and fun little getting to know you sessions.

Giveaways - Sometimes an author will choose to share a giveaway of their book or a fun little item that a fan would love to win. You can find giveaways at the bottom of interviews, guest spots, and book sample pages. Make sure you read the whole post so you don't miss them!

Book Samples - A few little paragraphs from a y.a. book. These pages are made to give you a little more insight into a book's plot, characters, and writing style. Yes, you could probably download a kindle sample. But maybe this is from a different part of the book not included in that. Or maybe you don't have a kindle. Or maybe you just want more books to add to your to-read list. Book samples are the perfect cure for all those things...don't you think?

Book of the Month - Every month I choose a young adult book to read and share my thoughts on. Reading is awesome! Having no time to write book reviews is not :( That's okay. Having a book of the month means you get to join me in the fun. I'll announce the book I plan to read at the beginning of the month and during the last week I'll link you to my review and discussion page in our Goodreads Group (did I tell you there's going to be a Goodreads Group!!!).

Who Am I, Anyways?

Well aren't you nosey???? That's okay. I'd want to know who I am too.

My name is Erika and I am a thirty-something stay at home mom. I've been reading young adult books since my early twenties. Something about not really reading them in my teens and wanting to get to know the genre. Then I discovered my favourite genre fantasy was even better as y.a. fantasy. I kinda got addicted and eventually started this blog (I started it in 2012, btw).

I've always wanted to work in something related to libraries. Because I NEED to be surrounded by books at all times, right? I took library technician studies but got pregnant with my first child and didn't have the patience to finish school. So when my daughter started kindergarten I volunteered as a librarian at her school. This just reaffirmed how much I love books and libraries.

But I did take a break from the blog. Mainly because I needed to just enjoy my time as a librarian and also because I needed to get my house in order, have another kid, and learn to be an adult (not a stuffy one though). Either way, I'm back, and I'm blogging, and I'm loving it!

If you want to be more nosey you are free to follow me on Instagram (@erika_dlugo), Twitter (@erikareading), Goodreads, Pinterest and YouTube (This is my real life channel. I am learning to grow food and other sustainable living things. I don't really talk about books. That's what this blog is for.).

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